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Division 1 Local Area Plan
Division 1 Local Area Plan

So balanced growth happens in the right places

Pimpama is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Queensland. While we are pleased to welcome new residents to Division 1, it’s important there is a strategic plan for growth that respects the current community while creating opportunities for future residents.

That’s why I believe Division 1 needs a new community-led Local Area Plan, which will guide development in line with community expectations, while striking the right balance that maximises livability in our residential, industrial and rural communities.

I will work with local residents to ensure their voice is heard in creating a plan that sets a path for balanced growth in the right places.

Integrated traffic solution
Integrated traffic solution

To ease congestion on our roads

Whether you’re dropping the kids off at school, trying to get to work on time or driving a truck, traffic is without doubt a major issue for us here in Division 1 – and it’s costing us time and money. I’m advocating for an integrated planning approach that will ensure our current transport infrastructure is upgraded to provide the right connections, with planned projects such as the Coomera Connector.

I will work to ensure the Coomera Connector and other local road upgrades benefit and future-proof our community, and are not simply put in place to act as a transit corridor for commuters. I strongly believe it is crucial that we take a forward-thinking approach to ensure the delivery of new infrastructure has the capacity to cater for our local population now, and into the future.

I want to keep the people of Division 1 moving and get them where they need to go - faster and safer.

Certainty for the future
Certainty for the future

For farmers and their families

I’ve grown up on a farm and have a deep understanding of how important it is to protect this unique way of life.

With population growth leading to increasing urbanisation, I understand many farmers in the Division 1 farming community are unsure of what their future holds.

That uncertainty means local farmers are holding back from investing in new machinery and technology, or from buying out other farmers who may wish to sell and are questioning if it’s the right move for the next generation of their families to pursue a life on the land.

It’s time for local farmers to have their voice heard and set their own plan for what the future holds for them.

Helping businesses prosper
Helping businesses prosper

By reducing unnecessary red tape and regulation

We can boost our local economy by making it easier for small businesses to operate on a daily basis. This means reducing red tape and other unnecessary regulations, which cost both time and money.

Division 1 is also home to the Yatala Enterprise Area, which is the ‘industrial CBD of the north.’ This area is capable of supporting hundreds of local workers and I will work hard to ensure Yatala reaches its full business potential.

Getting tough on crime and hooning
Getting tough on crime and hooning

By working closely with State Government

Everyone has a right to feel safe in our community.

We need more police to tackle local crime and misconduct and, while this largely is a matter for the State Government, I will lobby to ensure our local community has the resources it needs.

Additional lighting and CCTV cameras in high-traffic public spaces, and anti-hooning measures, are also high on my list of priorities in order to keep our community safe.

Protecting our environment
Protecting our environment

For future generations of families

Division 1 is a unique and contrasting environmental asset to our city, with large open farming area, a boundary of the Albert and Logan River, the natural bushland of Cedar Creek and easy access to Southern Moreton Bay. It is an important environmental asset we all need to protect.

Protecting our local environment means controlling industrial waste to prevent pollution in our waterways, and educating locals about what they can do to make a difference to the natural beauty right here in our backyard. Eco- tourism is also an untapped resource for our community, which could create additional jobs and boost the local economy.

We are lucky to have access to one of the city’s most unique and beautiful environments, and I will make sure it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations of families.

Grassroots support
Grassroots support

For local community and sporting groups

My family helped to establish the Alberton Cricket Club back in 1895, so I understand our community and sporting clubs are the lifeblood of our communities - particularly in Division 1. Our community and sporting groups help people keep fit, healthy and socially connected.

I’d love to see these groups continue flourish through the provision of additional funding and resources, so I will commit now to ensuring they get the support from council they deserve.

My wife Marg and I truly believe Mark has a genuine love and passion for this area. He is the kind of person we need to represent our views and help us protect the lifestyle we enjoy in Division 1.
Don Waters OAM, world-renowned artist, Jacobs Well
I have known Mark his entire life - the Hammel and Collard family have been friends for over a 100 years. Mark isn’t afraid of hard work and I know he will work harder than anyone else to be the strong voice for Division 1 we need.
Dave Collard, local business owner, Alberton
Mark is proud of farming in this region, but understands the challenges we are facing and the affect that is having on the Rocky Point farming community. I know that he will stand up for farming families and make sure their voices are heard.
Geoff Rossman, Rocky Point sugar cane farmer

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